Study in Russia

Study in Russia

The Russian Federation is situ¬ated in the eastern part of the Europe and the northern part of Asia. The capital city of the Russian Federation is Moscow, with an area of 17075.4 sq. km. The population of the Russian Federation is 144 mil¬lion with a den¬sity of 8.7 people per 1 sq. km. Russ¬ian Universities occupy the leading positions in the world. Rus¬sia has always been ahead in the field of education and more specifically medicine, engineering and other fields. Russ¬ian degrees are accepted worldwide and very afford¬able too. In most Cases, international students, who intend to study in Russia, at first, have to study Russian lan-guage for one year (prepara¬tory training). But if you want to study medicine, mechanical engineering, information technology, electrical technology or management in Eng¬lish, you do not need spend one year for prepara¬tory train¬ing in some universities. Studying in Russia gives you the opportunity to experience the unique Russian culture, to enjoy Russian hospitality, and be charmed by Russian nature and, of course, get an education based on high modern standards and strong academic traditions. Soft Tours Education Service helps you to retrieve useful information on the Russian Higher Education System and Institutions, and to find a vast variety of Study Programmes to meet your needs

How to Apply to Study in Russia

Fill the application form for studying in Russia, from the menu or as indicated on the left side of the website. More details will be sent to you after the form has been filled. It is important to Note that: Russian State University accepts applications from international students for degree and nondegree courses in all departments. International stu¬dents may also apply for accommodation in university dormitories. International students who are already registered at a foreign university, or who have already graduated from a foreign university, can apply for placement on our special student nondegree courses, designed specifically for international students seeking Russian language or other subject practice. The Institute of Interna¬tional Education offers a variety of classes covering topics related to Russian language, culture, history and society.

Admission Steps and Procedures

Admission and Application Procedures for all Russian Universities;
    STEP 1;
  • You send us a scanned copy of your Inter¬na¬tional Passport.
  • You send us a scanned copy of your O-Level Result. STEP 2;
  • You will receive an Offer Letter from in a maximum time of 1 week. This will include the fees.
  • For Kursk State Med¬ical University, Student then pays the fees into the Schools Intermediary company Account. Fees are not paid directly into the school account. The school handles all payments through the intermediary. All these information will be stated in the offer letter.
  • For all other Universities, Students will pay the fees after they receive the visa.
  • Student receives Russ¬ian Migration/Invitation Letter within a period of 8 weeks from the date the payment reflects in the School’s Intermediary Account.
  • Student goes to the Embassy.

Advantages and Benefits of Studying in Russia

  • Education in Russia has always been seen as one of the best in the whole of Europe. Russia has always been ahead in the field of edu¬ca¬tion and more specifically medicine and engineering.
  • Studying in Russia in cheap, compared to most parts of Europe. Living cost is also very affordable.
  • International Students in Russia are sure going to enjoy the multicultural environment. There are thousands of students from other countries studying in Russia.
  • Universities in Romania do not require IELTS or TOEFL as an entrance Examination. You are accepted as long as you have the basic requirements from your home country.
  • Accommodation in Russia is very comfortable and most of them are on campus.