Study in China

Here a few reasons you should consider Studying Abroad in China. China has one of the fastest growing economics in the world, China is also in need of qualified professionals with degrees. The educational institutions available for international students in China are of very high reputation and prestige. In recent years China has invested a lot in their educational system, and has begun to provide full scholarships for international students.

Chinese universities are renowned for their excellence in science, technology engineering and math. Recently, Chinese educational institutes have been ranked some of the best in the world for science and mathematics. There are several great colleges in China, with each province having their share of great colleges. For the most part, a safe bet for top colleges and universities are in big cities like Beijing and Shanghai. There are also smaller colleges in smaller cities, but it is advised that the best places to study are around the big city where internship and career positions and placement are more accessible and educational opportunities are more available.

Cost of Tuition in China

Estimated Undergraduate Tuition: Between $1800-$6400.

Estimated Postgraduate Tuition: Between $2600-$7400.

DAILY PRODUCTS: Daily products in China are very affordable. All universities have convenience stores inside or nearby, where you can buy your basic necessities. Usually, a good pair of jeans costs around $20, while a suit may cost $30. A pair of socks costs 50 cents, a book bag costs $3 dollars, $5 for a T shirt. .You can buy all the things you need at a very cheap price. Even a new 32-inch LCD TV costs less than $500.

FEEDING: International food is widely available; the bigger the city, the wider the variety. Japanese and Korean restaurants are particularly popular in China, as are Western fast food chains like KFC and McDonald’s. Vegetarianism is not widely practiced in China but Buddhist restaurants do exist and you can always find meat-free options on a Chinese menu. In china feeding for a month would cost a minimum of $30 and maximum of $50 dollars to eat at the foreign canteen while it would cost a minimum of $20 and maximum of $30 per person to eat at Local Chinese canteen per month.

ACCOMMODATION: Most Chinese universities provide very good and comfortable dormitories especially for international students which would cost between $50 -$100per month. The dormitories usually have private bathrooms for every room, TV, Internet access, washing machine, refrigerators and even a small kitchen. You can also choose to rent an apartment outside the university. Renting an apartment in China costs averagely between $150 and $350 per month.

TRANSPORTATION: Private car ownership in China is a relatively recent phenomenon. This means it’s extremely easy to get around in China without a car. China has one of the world’s most well-developed railway systems, making it both convenient and affordable to travel around this vast and fascinating country. Urban public transport systems are also efficient, modern, and, in most cities, vastly superior to those in Western metropolises. The only downside is, with so many people, it’s not always easy to get a seat but with $4 – $10 you can get around.


China has a long history of providing education to international students studying in colleges and universities in China. International students have enrolled in over 746 higher education institutions throughout China in recent years. Over the past few years, the number of international students who study abroad in China has significantly increased every year. The higher education sector has grown, with China seeking to improve the quality of education through a major effort at curriculum reform. China universities are ranking top 10 in Asia and top 100 in the whole world ranking.


With over 55 million visitors each year, China is the third most popular travel and study destination in the world. Traveling, Studying and Living in China is safe, however, there are always things that you can do to stay healthy and avoid unnecessary danger.


International students studying in China have many great things to look forward to. The big cities in China offer some of the best attractions and activities around. The shopping, entertainment and food in the big cities like Beijing and Shanghai are world class. There is also a number of exciting activities available to students including skiing, golfing, fishing, lake activities like water skiing boating and kayaking. Chinese cuisine is quite delicious and students will be excited to taste plenty of great fare. Students who like sports will also enjoy China, as the Chinese love soccer, badminton, ping pong, martial arts and basketball.


Religious freedom is still not universal in China. The state only recognizes five official religions Buddhism, Taoism, Islam, Catholicism, and Protestantism and considers the practice of any other faith illegal. Religious organizations are required to register with one of five state-sanctioned patriotic religious associations, each of which is supervised by the State Administration for Religious Affairs (SARA). Religious groups that fail to affiliate with one of the five official religions are denied legal protection under Chinese law.


Being an international student in China is an unforgettable and immensely rewarding experience. Not only will you be able to witness firsthand China’s historic transformation from an underdeveloped country into a major global power, but you’ll meet people from all over the world too. Many international students take advantage of the two long holidays in an academic year (each lasting one to two months) to travel around China and Asia.

So why study in China? China is home to excellent universities, beautiful natural sights, and great entertainment for inbound students. Many international students take advantage of China’s trade and industrialization by introducing cheap and affordable Made in China products to their local economy while making good profits. International students in China will truly have an extraordinary educational experience and have the opportunity to take in life in a foreign nation. Studying in China is a great opportunity.